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Amber and Gold Bracelet

Amber and Gold Bracelet

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Feel the beauty of nature and the golden elegance on your wrist! This handmade bracelet is adorned with natural amber, lapis, and turquoise stones, completed with a golden eye containing a turquoise circle in the center. Its adjustable structure and gold details make it compatible with every outfit, adding an elegant touch. This special design reflects your style by blending traditional beauties with a modern line.


  • Natural amber, lapis, and turquoise stones
  • Gold eye detail
  • Adjustable cord
  • Gold details

About Amber: Amber, formed by the fossilization of resin over millions of years, is one of nature's oldest and most valuable stones. Amber, which shines in the sunlight, is known as a stone of energy and optimism. According to some beliefs, amber provides protection against the evil eye and stress, bringing luck and prosperity. Benefits:

  • The combination of natural beauty and golden elegance
  • Timeless design
  • An elegant accessory that complements every outfit
  • Handmade and unique piece
  • A meaningful gift option for your loved ones

Attention: Natural stones should be kept away from water and chemicals.

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