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Matte Quartz Luck Bracelet

Matte Quartz Luck Bracelet

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This handmade lucky bracelet stands out with the calming beauty of matte quartz and the vibrancy of the natural stone at its center. Quartz is known for its natural energy and believed to be protective against the evil eye in some cultures. With its elegant design and energy combined with belief, this bracelet not only adds meaning to your style but also protects you.

About Matte Quartz:

Matte quartz is an opaque variation of clear quartz. It is known to have a calming and soothing energy. According to some beliefs, matte quartz reduces stress, enhances mental clarity, and provides protection against negative energies. Additionally, it is believed that matte quartz improves concentration and memory. Features:

Matte quartz stone Natural stone at the center Adjustable cord Elegant design Handcrafted and unique accessory A meaningful gift option for loved ones Benefits:

Offers a calming and soothing energy Reduces stress and enhances mental clarity Provides protection against negative energies Improves concentration and memory Offers an elegant and timeless style Attention: Matte quartz stone should be protected from direct sunlight and hard impacts.


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