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24K Gold and Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet

24K Gold and Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet

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Product Description: 24 Karat Gold Matte Quartz and Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet - Elegance and Serenity Combined

This handmade lucky bracelet combines the calming energy of matte quartz stone, crafted from 24 karat pure gold, with the sparkle of diamonds to offer you elegance and tranquility. Its adjustable sliding design easily fits any wrist size and brings you luck and protection.

Each bracelet is born from carefully selected stones and craftsmanship. Therefore, each product has its own unique beauty and character. The product in the photo gives you an idea, but the pattern and color tones of the stones used in the bracelet you receive may vary slightly. These differences arise from the handmade nature of the product and the unique beauty of each natural stone.

About 24 Karat Gold:

24 karat gold is the purest and most valuable type of gold. It is durable and maintains its shine like new for years. It has a low probability of causing allergic reactions. About Matte Quartz:

Matte quartz is known for its calming and soothing energy. It reduces stress, enhances mental clarity, and provides protection against negative energies. According to some beliefs, matte quartz also strengthens concentration and memory. About Diamond:

Diamond is one of the most precious and durable stones in the world. It symbolizes nobility, elegance, and eternity. The sparkle of diamonds is known to reduce stress and uplift the mood. Features:

Eye-catching matte quartz stone Sparkling diamond details Sliding design Fits any wrist size Crafted from 24 karat pure gold Handmade and unique accessory A meaningful gift option for loved ones Benefits:

Provides protection against the evil eye Brings luck and blessings Offers a calming and soothing energy Reduces stress and enhances mental clarity Provides protection against negative energies Completes your elegance by matching with any outfit Attention: Matte quartz stone should be protected from direct sunlight and hard impacts.


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