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Baroque Pearl - Frog and Evil Eye Necklace

Baroque Pearl - Frog and Evil Eye Necklace

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This exquisite necklace, crafted from 18K gold, depicts an endearing frog gently embracing a baroque pearl, while a delicate evil eye detail adds a touch of elegance and symbolism.

Embrace the Touch of Natural Beauty:

Baroque pearls, with their unique and organic shapes, are nature's own distinctive gems. The baroque pearl adorning this necklace embodies this very essence, reflecting a beauty that transcends perfection, embracing authenticity and artistry.

A Convergence of Meaningful Symbols:

In many cultures, the frog is revered as a symbol of fertility, abundance, and rebirth. The frog motif on this necklace carries these profound meanings, making it a truly special piece. The evil eye detail, steeped in the belief of warding off misfortune and bringing good luck, adds a layer of protection and symbolism to the necklace.

Elegant and Timeless Design:

This necklace boasts an elegant and timeless design that seamlessly transitions from everyday wear to special occasions. The 42 cm white gold chain ensures a comfortable fit for all necklines, while its 18K gold construction guarantees long-lasting durability.

An Unforgettable Gift:

The Baroque Pearl - Frog and Evil Eye Necklace presents an extraordinary gift option for your loved ones. With its unique design and symbolic significance, this necklace will undoubtedly become a treasured keepsake.

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