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Jasper Chalcedony Bracelet

Jasper Chalcedony Bracelet

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Let the power of nature and the light of luck meet on your wrist! The Jasper Chalcedony Luck Bracelet, adorned with natural jasper chalcedony and precious stones, completes your elegance with a 24-carat gold evil eye amulet. Its adjustable structure and gold details make it compatible with every outfit, adding a unique touch to your elegance. This special design reflects the colors and energy of nature, protecting you.


  • Natural jasper chalcedony stone
  • Precious stones
  • 24-carat gold evil eye amulet
  • Adjustable cord
  • Gold details

About Jasper Chalcedony: Jasper is one of the oldest and best-known stones of the chalcedony family. Named after the Kadıköy district of Istanbul, jasper was first sent from this region to Europe. Throughout history, jasper has been used with the belief that it possesses courage, strength, and luck. According to some beliefs, jasper reduces stress, maintains emotional balance, and provides protection against negative energies. Benefits:

  • Carries the energy and luck of nature
  • Protection against the evil eye and negative energy
  • An elegant design that complements every outfit
  • Handmade and unique accessory
  • A meaningful gift option for your loved ones
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